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Reservist Training Incident

I have a story to share. My bf just went for reservist and went, 3 weeks, high key. During his last week, they went for a 3days outfield training. So during the training they are supposed to dig “holes” (rather stupid dig & filled it back) and they are not allowed to stop until they finish digging. (On the second night)My bf is a PS so he have to do to the “main building” to do some stock taking or something. He saw this guy, A, in the “main building” and he though it was strange as A do not really have any business to do in the “main building”. My bf is not the KPO kind so he continue to do his stock take.

The next day(the last day of the field training) they went back to camp; so my BF was curious about last night he went over to A to ask him what’s he doing in the “main building”. A replied that while he is digging, he saw something, a black figure looking at him. At first he thought is nothing, but tiredness. But after awhile, the “black figure” is still there and he felt goosebumps forming. He abandon his digging and went to the “main building” telling them he is not feeling well.

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