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Brunei Jungle Training

I got a creepy story to share. It happened to my ex boyfriend while he was in Brunei jungle for army training.

My ex can see “things” I’ve been freaked out by him so many times when he tell me something in front. Anyway the incident is like this. They had out field training in the Brunei Jungle. And they are not allowed to sleep on the pavement or rather “pathway” but only on the grass around. During the night, while everyone was asleep. They slept in 3-4 people in a group, with their guns and all. Apparently, some didn’t listen, slept on the pathway. In the middle of the night, he got restless, drowsily opened an eye. He vaguely saw 2 shadows walking towards them, on the pathway. He got a little scared because he can see, so he knows what they were.

He quickly closed his eyes back, pretend to sleep. Then he slowly opened one again after a few mins, the 2 shadows got very much closer. He could make out what they were. One fat and stout thing and tall lanky thing, floating closer to them. He quickly close his eyes again. This time, the fat & stout one starting grunting and sniffing them like a dog. It then wanted to carry off one of the guys. My ex then moved his legs on top of the guy.

Those things knew immediately that he wasn’t sleeping. Started sniffing, grunting him. He started praying.
Then he heard..”TIPU!!” (that’s bluff! in Malay) In a very low and echo voice right next to his ear. I swore a almost peed in my pants while hearing this. He then ignored it and forced himself to sleep. Morning, he asked if anyone felt anything one did. Except for one, he felt his body aching and he doesn’t know why..

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