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Suntec Exhibition Hall

I can’t vouch whether the following are true, but as told by a good friend, they really did happen.

1) The Lift

There’s this kid who was really afraid of taking the lift for various reasons, hence, he would pester his mother to accompany him to take the lift every night after his tuition classes.

One night, he met up with his mother and they took the lift together again. Halfway through, he felt cold suddenly.

Scared, he asked his mother, “Mummy, do you feel cold suddenly?”

“Are you sure I’m your Mummy?”

2) Suntec Exhibition Hall

This happened in one of the girls toilets (yea toilet again) at Suntec Exhibition Hall.

A woman, lets call her Mary, went to the toilet to touch up her makeup. When she reached there, she saw another woman using the same brand of lipstick as hers. Naturally, both of them strike up a conversation.

Mary’s lipstick slipped and dropped on the floor, bending over to pick it up, Mary realized to her horror that the woman whom she had been talking to had no legs!

Remaining calm, she stood up and said, “Well, I guess I got to make a move now.”

“You finally found out?”

3) School of Infantry Specialists (SISPEC)

Anyway, there’s this soldier who was posted to SISPEC after BMT.

Shortly, he found that his legs are always aching. He knows that all the running, SOC and the various tekaning is causing the ache, hence he ignored it.

On the last day, the day they are finally posting out as corporals, his bed buddy told him that he has the talent. Since its the last day together, he decided to tell him the truth.

“Every night, there’s this little girl who would stand at the end of your bed and play with your legs, moving them up and down, up and down”.

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