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I Played Ouija Board

I played some Ouija board like game when I was 10 and it was an eyeopener. It’s a simple game where we draw on a piece of paper, one quarter of it says HOME and the other three quarters remains empty I think (I sincerely cannot remember how the paper looks like because it has been 11 years and all I could remember was the movement of the coins)… the aim of the game is to spin a coin and let the spirit take control of the coin. If you go to HOME you are safe from whatever ill luck. If you don’t you will suffer. To us back then, it was just a game.

I spun the coin and what I saw made me avoid playing such games in future. To me back then, it was all logical, it will just spin in the direction you spin it to. One straight line and you are ‘safe’ back HOME. Wrong. The coin spun towards HOME and missed it completely, I thought “Ok.. so it’s gonna fly off the table.” Then it slowed down and did a sharp U turn back to HOME and it just spun on the spot and it just dropped flat. It was plain weird. I remembered clearly, the coin doing a sharp turn.. which is impossible.. I mean at the speed it was going it should have just gone all the way past HOME and just fall off the paper.. there is no way a spinning coin could just spin on the spot when it was moving before and drop flat. Thinking back to that day, I felt relief and fear. Imagine what happened if it didn’t stop at the safe spot. Whatever it was that was moving the coin was being merciful.

After that I refused to play anymore of these spirit games. And it was the right choice, because when I was 14, four years after this incident,(they invited me to go and watch the ‘spirit hand possession’ game.. I refused to go over because I still remembered that incident.) my next door classmate had her hand possessed by a spirit that refuses to leave her hand for an hour before it decided to let go.(A lot of screaming in the next door class) After that incident happened to my classmate, no more of these games were played. They all have learnt their lesson.

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