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Went To Changi Hospital

Went to OCH quite a lot of time, due to my involvement in orientation camps for the freshmen during Uni time. Did not see or experience anything throughout the many days we were there for the planning etc. Only on the actual day of the orientation itself. Me and another guy was lean against the wall while waiting for the freshmen to finish their task when suddenly both of us felt an instant chill going down our back and suddenly break out in cold sweat at the same time. We looked at each other and ask the same question,” what happen!? Did you felt that ?!” We immediately walk away from that piece of wall and that feeling disappear. Anyway lucky nothing else happen to us for the rest of the night.

But another guy told us that when we just arrive and standing in OCH front driveway. He saw a lot of dark shadows crowding in every level’s corridor looking down at us. He cant see their faces but the corridors is filled with them. And as part of the orientation route, we were walking past the bridge that connect between old commando barracks to OCH. He told us, he saw a lady with long hair with a very sinister black aura following us around when we were in that area. And till date, he still refuse to describe to me how the lady look like. He just say, its so horrible, you will not want to hear.

Been to red house too. Even climb in the gate and went in to explore. Lucky for me as once again i did not see or experience anything. i was just feeling puzzled, there is a very strong smell of jasmine flower. i kept asking my friends but they insist they did not smell anything.

But that trip to the red house really spooked out one of my friend. He keep quiet during the whole trip and only tell us what he saw when we went back to downtown each chalet. He was feeling all cold and clammy, shivering like mad. He said he saw an old man as in he was in agony and lying along the road. the old man look like he was run over by some vehicle and left to die. The injuries to the face and body was horrifying. And he said, throughout the whole time we were there, his head was aching like mad. But the rest of us, around 10 people all saw or felt nothing at all.

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