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1st encounter
This happened when I was 6/7, during a trip to Genting. I was walking with my parents up a sloped road, back to our hotel from the restaurant. I then noticed there was this lady in a long sleeved white dress, with her long, flowing black hair covering her face, standing with her head bowed under the street lamp opposite us.

I asked my mother, “Mummy, why that Jie Jie (Big Sister) over there?”. My mother was alarmed ‘cos she couldn’t see anything. I remember as she told me to keep quiet and pulled me away, the lady’s head turned slowly to “look” at me, though her hair still covered her face. My aunt later told me when I was older, if the spirit knew I could see her, she would have followed me all the way home.

2nd encounter
I was alone in my house, watching the TV, when my storeroom door rattled and shook violently, like something was trying to get out. I froze, and turned the TV to silent, to make sure I wasn’t hearing things. Sure enough, the rattling sound continued on and off for the next few minutes. It wasn’t until I walked towards the storeroom door, that it finally stopped. Till this day, I don’t know what could have caused it.

My father said it was probably just a rat/mouse, but unless it had the strength of Mighty Mouse, I think not, hee!

3rd encounter
I was sound sleep in my room, when I suddenly awoke because I feel something staring at me. When I opened my eyes, I looked into the eyes of an Indian man standing beside my bed. Because I really treasure my sleep, instead of being scared, I felt very angry at being woken up for no good reason, so I jumped out of bed and yelled “Oi!” at the ‘Indian man’. He just stared right back at me. But when I switched on the lights, there was nothing there.

Friends who have come over for sleep overs, have often confessed that they see a shadow walking past my room, or have the feeling that something is standing at my doorway. I felt it too when I first moved in 7 years ago, but I’ve since gotten used to it, and just sleep with my door closed. My block has quite a history, ‘cos an elderly Chinese man staying here once committed suicide by jumping off my block.

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