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The Plate Spirit

Having my first post as Extra Mild, I will share the following story and hope to get spooky or what. This was not what happened to me or my friends, its was told by one of my friends quite long ago can’t really remember exactly when it happened.

It was a story in Taiwan that a weird call was received at the Firefighter Headquarter that a girl that sound young was screaming:”HELP!!,HELP ME PLEASE!!” The Firefighter who answered the call ran to the administrative office to report for the case,after tracing the address as the call was hang before asking the address, one Fire Engine was send to the scene and the group captain when to the doorstep and listen to what is happening in the house. But they could hardly heard anything , as time is running out, they have no choice but to break in.They then when in to search for the victim.
One of the firefighter found a girl.Her mouth was covered by blood!(OMFG)For those who are very imaginative can you imagine how horrify and gross will the scene be?! But they could not touch any of the items in the house as a evidence , and the girl has pass away on the spot… The next thing they could do is to report to the police. The Police then place them in the Epilepsy(Yang tian feng)categories. But the police check in to the family medic history, none of their family members are a victim of Epilepsy.

So to the statement taking…

The closer friends and the mother of the victims are also invited to take statement. As the mother has say, working as the night shift, she left the home at 11pm and the parents of the victim has divorce, the whole house only has the mum and the victim. Before the mum leave for work, there is only the mum and the victim. The police has also check the Security camera that is build in the condominium that after the mum has leave for work, no one has enter the house. The police when to the firefighter HQ and check the call that is received from the victim that is automatically save and has slow down by -2.8x and could heard sounds from the back .But the sound given is a man voice saying things that don’t make any sense. How could there be anyone in the house during the mum left any before the firefighter arrive when no one has enter the house. 3 close friends has also been invited to take the statement. 3 of them say the same thing that a few weeks ago during the ghost month , the were boring during the summer break. As they is a fashion of play the song using olden disc player those that the disc is big round black plastic. The girls are bored and decided to play the plate spirit and ask some question.A ghost was invited and the plate start to move. One of the girl ask the info of the ghost it then move to the “nan” , man and for age – “3″ , “4″ 34, man. They start to ask question and the victim then starts to ask about her boyfriend that weather her boyfriend love her more or her love enemy more, the plate then move to “ta”, she.The victim started to ask the solution and the others… She seems so concentrated into the plate spirit that she seems to be unstoppable… the song that jammed at the lyrics saying “si dou yao ai” which means that the love will never end even if one of the party dies.

The other 3 friends was so freak out that they let go of the fingers,and ask the victim to stop playiny. But the victim voice goes deep like a man saying “shut up!” the friends did not do anything as they were shock by the deep pitch sound… the victim then come to a stop from asking question . Different from the others unexplainable encounter everything but just not the deep pitch voice.
The police then make a conclusion of encounthering ghost.But the police could not make a report saying things that cannot be proved by science.

Was it Epilepsy? Was it Murdering case? Or was it something else?

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