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Haunted Places In Brunei

The Mentiri Complex is one of the most haunted places in Brunei. It was rumored that the place is cursed and every year many strange incidents happened there such as possession or fatal accidents.

Another place is the Tasik. It is such a popular haunted area that people will visit there at night to experience the spooking especially at the area near those Japanese graves somewhere there. Anyway a while back when it was that Chinese ancestral ghost week thing ( can’t remember the name) one of my mates from Perth came over and so we thought we’d watch a marathon of Pontianak movies.

About midnight we ended up at Tasik Lana. We walked through the main gate the street lamps shut off one after the other, from the gate up into the park. We looked back but decided to keep going. We got to the entrance to the jungle tracks an realized we forgot the torches, too lazy to walk back again we thought we’d just feel our way. By the time we got up to the ridge on the far side of the loop we were covered in mud. We decided to sit there for a while. Just then from the tree behind us came a SHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! screeching noise an we freaked out and both fell over the screeching shot over us and down the ridge through the trees CRRR…CRRRR…CRRR and into the distance like them flying ghost in those movies.

Then just over the ridge bout 5meters away there were loud cracks for braking branches and a THUMP! Probably a branch breaking off and hitting the ground but then TUMP! THUMP! TUMP! THUMP! THUMP! closer an closer slowly till whatever it was was right on the other side of the ridge, we were lying next to. My friend got up an ran off back down the path screaming. I froze an didn’t want to look up. You know those shadowy feelings like somethings right over you, I felt that alright with my heart racing like those little rice rockets going around and around the Mall just pissing the hell outta me. I started shivering. It felt like it was leaning closer and closer over me I closed my eyes and tried to stay as still as possible then BEEEEEEEEP! beeep! BEEEEEEEEEP! beeep! My friggin mobile message tone goes off!! I freaked big time and ran as fast as i could back down the path. I looked over my shoulder to see if it was following but couldn’t see any thing, then looked in front again an this clammy grey figure jumps up in front of me in the moon light. It turned around and ran away screaming. HAHAHA it was me friend coming back to see where I was still covered in mud an so was I HAHAHA. We got back to the main gate an the lamp post were back on and we figured who each other were an got in the car and got the hell out of there. Never going to experience that again.

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