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Haunted House

I come from Philippines and I have many stories to tell. To start with ,I was never one who believed in ghosts in the past. People used to say at night, you have to watch where you go because they might follow people around and worse back to your home, I never believe that until one day my best friend came to my house and something happened.

By the way, my house used to be a very old house and it’s been said that entities also live here by some people. Ghosts or dwende*, and my cousin even told me that he saw something at strange at night there before, two times actually.

Anyway, when my best friend was at my house that time, she said she needed to pee so I led her to the bathroom which is on the 1st floor. Shortly after she went in about 2 mins later, she dash out of the bathroom looking very pale and scared. She told me “May multo ng babae sa banyo nio.. mahaba ung hair.. nakaputi!” (There’s a ghost of a lady with long hair wearing white dress in your bathroom.)

I asked her “Nakaihi ka ba?” (Did you get a chance to pee?) [Ed. Ha, ha!]

Then she said “Umurong na ihi ko ayoko na!” (I don’t wanna pee anymore.)

Apparently, she wasn’t the only one who saw that ghost in our bathroom. My cousin’s friend also saw it and how I know it is true? Because they had the exact same description. For several days in school, my best friend kept telling me that she always sees this ghost BEHIND ME, it was following me I don’t even know what it wants from me.

In Philippine folklore, the dwende are little spirits, usually helpful and friendly, but when offended they can cause sickness and even death. They live in houses and occupy themselves by singing, making noise, and throwing sand and pebbles. They sometimes knock over kitchen utensils. “Dwende.” Encyclopedia Mythica from Encyclopedia Mythica Online.

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