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Woke Up by Ghost

I was was posted to work in the Philippines in the early 90s. I still cannot say I believe in ghosts, but duing my stay there I had an experience that I cannot explain. There were many ghost stories circulating around those people at my work place. There was the story of the “white lady” who was supposedly killed by Japanese soldiers who cut off her head and buried it away from her body. What happened was she haunts the night searching for her head even until today. People said if you see her, tragedy will befall you within 24 hours. Another story is of the cigar-smoking man who haunted the abandoned third floor of a building that the Security Police had to guard. He was never seen but according to many, his presence can be felt by the scent of his cigar and the sound of a deep voice either laughing or murmuring.

Anyways, here’s my experience. In the early 90s when i was there, a large earthquake hit the Philippines. There was alot of damage done, especially near the Baguio City area. Many people died there, and Air Force personnel were deployed to aid in the search for survivors trapped in buildings and for bodies of those less fortunate. I was sent there to help out on temporary duty. The damage of the earthquake was still evidenced by crushed hotels. When we arrived, I was told to report for duty at 0600 hrs the following morning. I was rather upset about this, as I had not brought an alarm clockwith me, and I am not known for being an early-bird. My roommate and I were assigned to a cabin which had separate beds for the both of us. I asked my roommate to wake me up in the morning and proceeded to bed.

At 0500 hs, a Filipina lady was standing at the door to my room and shouting at me to wake up. She was telling me to wake up, it was time for me to go to work. I noticed she was muddy, and she was severely injured and bleeding profusely. She kept telling me to wake up, and I told her I was awake, but she was hurt and we needed to get her to a hospital, she needed medical attention. She told me it was too late for her, but not for me, so I had better get to work. I asked her what time it was, and she said it was 5 am. I thanked her and reached over to get my watch, which was on the table by my bed. Sure enough, the watch said 5 am. When I turned back to her, she was gone and my door was open. The weird thing is, this conversation did not even strike me as odd until I was in the shower! I didn’t tell anyone of my experience for a long time, but I felt it would fit in here.

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