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Construction Site Story

Be really careful when you are in a construction site or stuff, back in my hometown in Kedah, Malaysia, (this incident happened quite long ago), a Malay boy died because of something so unique and supernatural.

There was a construction of a building in the village, when there’s construction there are bound to be pillars and metal bars being pushed rite down into the ground, these Malay boy just happened to be in the construction site and standing at a position where his shadow was casted onto the part whereby a pillar was about to be inserted.

Not noticing what the construction workers were about to do, he just stood there and watched while the workers lowered the pillar and wham! Right through his shadow. Of course the boy didn’t felt anything, but the next day he was down and out.

He had fever, was trembling all over and couldn’t move. The family was poor and couldn’t afford a doctor, so after a few weeks the boy still alive but his condition was getting worst, at last the neighbors offered some help and got a doctor to see him but to no avail.

They then found those ‘priest’ who know a thing or 2 about this kind of stuff to check the Malay boy, and he said the “spirit is trapped, we have to get it out in order to save him”

They didn’t know where the boys spirit were, but the priest manage to somehow calculate and found it out. But it was too late, the pillar was already fully erected and there was no way the pillar could be removed to save the boy, which seemed almost ridiculous to the constructors.

So guys, be careful, your shadow is a part of your spirit take care of it and dun let anything pierce through it, people stepping on it is fine, as long as nothing pierces through your shadows!!

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