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National Service Encounter

Personal encounter that I cant explain during my National Service of 2 years in Police. First 3 months in Camp we are the last batch using the currently OLD police academy in 2005. My bunk is in ECHO company just opposite the CISCO building. The first time we were staying at a block(i forgot what block already). That block we believe is not very clean.

First at night at 10pm the light of a bunk at level 4 will auto on when its not on and close by itself after sometime no one can explain that either, then there was once I suddenly awake at midnight I heard someone in the toilet bathing yet I can see all my bunk mate sleeping like DEADLOG. I so freak but don’t care just sleep, after a while i wake up again then i hear people playing with our locker padlock and people running up and down the stair so freak but just shut up cause i hear that place not very clean also.

After about a 1 week or so don’t why the FI out of suddenly ask us to change to another block then we change lor. Bo bian FI biggest liao.

Change liao then every night going to 10 pm a lot people will gathering downstairs at the old block we stay and wait. 10pm ++ the level light sure on. We got go up check before but no one there we off the light then go down. When we reach each downstairs the light on again… damn eerie one… until now i think no one can explain why also…haha.. anyway a lot of story of OLD PA but can’t type finish de la…

I heard near my ECHO there got one WELL . Heard from people (don’t know is rumour or not) a AETOS female officer got baby then she know got baby mean OUT of AETOS so she killed herself that in the well… the path to my bunk always pass by the well.. so i never really see anything…i think bed shaking locker shaking all common in NS…


After I POP(pass out from camp) posted to a station.. shall not name it. RHQ doing ops room and lock up things de…. there was once i was doing lock up duty inside inside….the lock up is B1 de..if got people know than maybe they hear before..

At about 2 am close to 3 am me and my partner he sleeping la(eat snake) i reading newspaper then i hear a lock up door bang and bang so i shout …”Oi Don bang la SLEEP SLEEP” then the sound stop awhile.. then bang again.. i thought which idiot not happy bang and bang so i go and see wanna F*** the bugger already…

Then i see all the lock up at the area… all the accused sleeping lei….. i check very clearly all sleeping like PIG…. because there is all remand de people so they won’t bang the door actually just in case they need us or what…. then i go back sit the banging comes again this time i a bit scare already i wake my partner up ask him to follow we both see each other then scary!!!! The bang come from a blank space with only walls… how come got metal door sound???

We informed our OC he also say don’t care la he also ham cheese one la…. then don’t care lor don’t our thing nia…. at about 4 plus got 1 lock up beside the “blank space there” the accused shouting SIR SIR SIR so me and my partner go check lor… he see us nia then face soo green….

I open the door then he come out say he don wan go in already… i ask why he say inside got “things” disturb him… (HAIR STAND) then i ask OC can change cell a not he say ok lor… so change for him….

Actually that station the B1,B2,B3 and B4 all got something one la… so i will not say so much for nothing got time then type hair pain already… hahahahaha

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