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Scary And Strange

My parent buy me a character of Snoopy’s doll (the one who always walk around with blanket one) in year 1999 for Xmas. It was my 1st Xmas present actually, think my parent buy for me because it was my 1st book out during NS (PTP). (So touched)

The doll was those with a turning key behind, u turn liao, released, then got those music one and the head will move also. Then i think the spring inside spoil eventually many yrs ago, maybe 2001 or 2002. Hence even if u turn the key behind, the key will not turn back itself, hence no music. Unless u force it yourself then got the music. Need a bit of strength then can turn because inside quite rusty i think.

However, the doll i still keep, because it was a gift from my parent, i didn’t touch it, just left it on top drawer as display only. Then once, i was inside my room’s toilet “doing business” and i didn’t close my toilet door because i am alone at home. I was reading book same time, then suddenly i hear music inside my room. Then i find the music damn familiar, but cannot recall. But still quite eerie because i am home alone and suddenly music come from no where, den suddenly, i remember the music is the doll’s music! Then walau, very scare sia. Because i knew the doll is spoil and unless u use a lot of strength to turn the key, if not there will be no music one. And the key is so hard to turn by force, hence u turn very very slow and the music come out also very slow. Worse, the music i hear is actually at NORMAL speed, which i didn’t hear since 2001-2002! Then after doing my business, i peek slowly at my room. The doll was still sitting down at the display drawer.

Anyone has any suggestion or similar experience as this? What u guys think might be the reason? The mechanism suddenly “Qi Shi Hui Sheng” itself or “Hui Guang Fan Zhao”? But since then, i didn’t hear the doll play liao. Because the key really almost impossible to turn. I scare the key break if i use too much force.

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