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Visited by kitchen God

This is related to me by my mother. We were visited by the “Kitchen God” when I was very young, maybe younger than 5 years old? I was still sleeping with my parents then. One day, when they switched off the lights, I exclaimed: “There’s a very big cockroach on the ceiling!”

My father on the lights, thinking there was a cockroach. But when the lights were on, I immediately say:”Eh… ka zhua no more already.” Amazing when the lights went off again, I said the big cockroach is there again. In the end, we had to sleep with the lights on for a few nights. My parents asked me to describe the cockroach as they can’t comprehend my absurd behavior. My reply was: “Very very very big lor… as big as papa.”

My grandma, was active in Taoist circle, she used to help cook for major events during celebrations. She’s a strong believer of spiritual beings, so she brought us to “ask the deity (??)”. The first temple we went to, the Taoist priest came to my house, did some chanting, sprinkle “holy water”. That night, I didn’t complain of any cockroaches. But the following night, I claimed to see it again. My grandma then proceed to bring us to another temple to ??. It was then realized that the cockroach I saw is the Kitchen God, he want us to pray to him, give him offerings, but only children can see him, thus the explanation. Those into Taoist belief will know that Kitchen God was a “cockroach spirit” before he was given a deity title in the heavenly world. My parents did as told, bought a “Kitchen God” tablet, find a good place in our kitchen and “invited” him. Strange enough, after that was done, I no longer complain of big cockroach on the ceiling. Then again, I’ve never seen a real cockroach crawling on ceiling before. Haha…

Apart from Kitchen God, we used to give offerings to Dua Peh Gong (???), Bed Mother (??), God of Earth (???), Guan Yin (??), and if I’m not wrong another deity together with Dua Peh Gong and Guan Yin on the altar. There’s another tablet outside the house, just by the door. That was before we shifted house, now only Dua Peh Gong remains in my house. Nothing weird happened to my 2 sisters, at least not that I’m aware of.

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