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Man In Checkered Shirt

This is one of my personal encounters with the spirit world that happened when I was about six years old.

We had moved into one of those L-shaped flats at Kim Tian Place and unbeknown to my family, the previous owner had met a tragedy in that unit. This block of flats are no longer there.

We found out from the neighbours later that there was a Chinese owner who in the heat of a quarrel with his wife (who was having an affair with another man) stabbed her. The wife managed to run out of the flat and took refuge in a neighbour’s flat.

The police was called in and the man had barricaded himself inside the unit. Some time later, when the police broke into a window, they found him hanging by the rope from a hook (in the ceiling)in an apparent suicide.

One afternoon at about 3pm, when I was alone at home, I met the dead man’s spirit in the kitchen. I was walking from the living area and was about to enter the kitchen when I saw ahead very briefly (in a matter of two or three seconds) a man’s head and upper body peek out from behind a
pillar at the end of the kitchen.

He disappeared behind the pillar very quickly and I remember being attracted by his colourful checkered shirt that he had on. I walked to the end of the kitchen to see who it was behind the pillar and there was no one there.

I didn’t tell my mother about the incident but when we moved out a few years later, my mother told me about the flat’s history and I realised that must have been him.

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