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A Thai Haunted Tale

This is a story I heard from a Thai while I was travelling in Thailand.

Well, there is that women, which her mother is said to have been possessed by evil spirits and as the mother died – her daugher, that women, achived all the burden.

But due to her live style and circumstances she wasn’t stable enough – even went to this and that monks (white and black) to gain more supernatural toys.

For example for finding rich foreigners, she got a spell which changed the optical form (large, small) of her sex (how I know it …. I just needed to ask the monk who did it) .
I know some man would run for that, but she is a woman – a real one.

Additional she has a spell that a foreigner can’t leave until she admits with it. And so it goes.

If you think she is rich by now, I am not sure – but so many man have come rich and gone poor and all that money was wasted in parties and to other people in order to buy face and her eyes turned ugly and death – even her face.

Still she is able to get foreign slaves.

The recent victim is an English guy and I had the opportunity to speak with him at last Thai New Year. It was quite interesting. He is not poor yet but still bleeding.
He wanted to leave her but can’t – he is only permitted to go to work- how it seems (so he said) and comes back to give all his money.
He hates her like he stated.

She wasn’t around as she is scared of me – and so he spoke quite freely.

He asked if I believe in ghost and I answered why he asked.

He said, hey, I don’t believe in Ghost, but some night I see a small boy coming in to my sleeping room (in Thailand) and is looking at me and watching me.
“I asked the boy what do you want?” But he just stares sadly at me, takes some toys and goes away.

What the f@ck is that, am I crazy? (fine English style of having conversation)

He went on:
I asked my wife (that woman) who this boy was, but she didn’t say – she says there was nobody and the house has been locked – (she said) you were dreaming.

So I smiled and asked him if he has taken drugs in his life, to which he admitted to have done so.

I said it opens channels which should be better shut – so there is indeed the possibility that he might be able to see kind of things.

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