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Time Is Up

Do you believe for those ppl whom their ‘time is up’ (especially had illness or hospitalised due to accident or whatever), they’ll know themselves as they can saw their dead friends, or relatives?

I’m asking this because it happen to my family members.
1st is my grandpa, he meet an accident , discharge from hospital for recuperation, but condition suddenly turn worst when he can’t even stand up. On the same night, he mumbling ‘i dont want to go yet! leave me alone!’. We asked him why he said tat, but he refused to said anything. Only the next morning, he told my grandpa, last nite he saw his old friend (died many yrs ago) asking him to join him. On the tat night, my grandpa passed away.

2nd is my mom, whom is a cancer patient. She saw my uncle (my dad’s bro-in law), whom oso died few yrs back due to illness at our home. She only told this to my dad, as she afraid we’ll be scare. Then when she’s hospitalised, we realised sometime she’ll mumbling to herself, which we totally cannot understand what’s she talking about. She seems like talking to someone but we just cannot figure out what was she talking.
She passed away 2 days later.

Then just recently, my collegue’s father also passed away. She told me her father ever mentioned to her , he saw some of his ‘dead’ friends.

So, i was wondering when your time is up, you’ll see those unseen thing? Why?

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