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Happy Death Day

It was just a normal day in our village, England, I had just turned 13 and was happy like all other kids whose birthday had just come. My family had gone out to get me a present, and arrange a party somewhere for me and my mates, so all was well, they left me in charge and left, and made myself comfortable on the sofa and started to read Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beacher Stowe, in my mind a good book, but i had only read a few pages before the family dogs started to go crazy, getting up running around, to and fro, the started to bark and I tried to calm them down, but they wouldn’t I just thought maybe there had been a knock at the door, I checked, know one was there, then I thought ‘Well, just kids joking around’ but I was wrong, when I walked back into the living room I almost screamed, the dogs were lying on the floor, they were not dead, but seemed very very scared of something, bothered by a spirit, I turned to the wall and took a deep breath trying to block out the sense of panic that was now rising in my chest, I was scared stiff, chilled to the bone, I heard a noise a wished it was my family returning. I was wrong, I turned to the doorway that led to the kitchen and almost fell over with fright, there standing tall was a figure tall and white, I could right through it, it was like looking in the face of a murderer, it was holding what seemed to be a knife, I closed my eyes and opened them again, I smiled, it was my grandma who had passed away 7 years ago, I had always been scared of ghosts that she had looked like a killer, but maybe she had just come to wish me a happy birthday, she was a lovely woman and I’m glad she dropped in to say hi.

I swear on my friends life this is true! Ever since my grandma died she has always been seen by other members of my family, this experience was the first time in 7 years i have seen her out of dreams.

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