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The Fallen Tree

Those of you who are in the late 20′s would remember that there was a Police Post located at East Coast Park near to a c/park. It shared its residence with a canoe club. It quite about 100m away from the McDonalds. Now it is already demolished.

As Police Officers, we had to patrol the entire stretch of East Coast Park from Area “A” near Sheares bridge to Area “H” near the Airport. We would either deployed for scooter patrol, bicycle patrol and mobile patrol. Our mobile patrol is that of a 4 wheel drive Jeep. We would drive along the bicycle tracks and ogles at girls (Hey! We are normal blokes as well hehehe). The place is usually packed with activities during weekends and school holidays. The rest of the days, there will be quite few people except for lovers for fishermen.

It was one of those nites where the sky was reddish and winds were blowing real hard. I was with my partner, a Malay who was a Regular who has serve longer in SPF than I had. Lets call him Hashim. We were with 3 other Malay PNS boys namely Saad, Ahmad & Zackeria.

It was about 0430hrs in the early morning when we were patrolling along the bicycle track near to where KFC was, we came across a fallen small tree blocking our path. There was slight drizzling then. We cursed our luck and we had to remove the fallen tree. All 5 of us got down from our jeep. I was detailed with Zackeria to lift the tree near base of the tree while the rest of them would lift it from the branches. As we were trying to lift the fallen tree, 3 of them who were lifting it from the branches area gave out a loud scream, they immediately dropped the tree and at that moment, I could hear something jumping from one of the tree’s branch into another nearby tree. It caused a loud rattling sound as it moves among the branches. I stood rooted to the ground. My goose pimples went into overdrive. The next moment, my partner screamed at me to get back into the jeep. Once I was inside the jeep, he make a 3 point turn and sped towards KFC. We could hear in coming from the rear a loud high pitch shirking sound. None of us dare to look back.

We got out of the bicycle track into the c/park of KFC. I could sense the tenseness inside the jeep. Once we hit into ECP expressway. My partner started to converse with our 3 PNS boys in Malay. I could feel the tenseness and could detect fear in their conversation. This was from a man who had countless time encounter Armed robbers, gang clash, Housebreakers, etc. without any fear. Here he was shivering like a little boy. As I could only understand a little Malay then, I could gather the word “Potianak” from their coversation. I ****ed my partner and this was our conversation

Me : “Fug lah! Can speak English or not?”
Hashim looked at me with trembling eyes and said : “Bro, did you see anything back there?”
Me : ” fug you lah! Don’t fugging scare me lah! Kan Ni Nah A! No lah! I saw nothing but heard something jumping from the tree we were lifting into a nearby tree”
Hashim repeated the same question to Zack, Zack also did not see anything.
Hashim : “Bu Ki Ma la! Bro, I not trying to scare you but when Saad, Ahmad and I was lifting the top part of the tree. I saw a lady dressed in white, her eyes were glowing red staring at us. We let go of the tree and the next moment we saw her jumping into a nearby tree and climbed to the top!”
Ahmad and Saad nodded in agreement.

We drove around until around 0600hrs before we went back to our Police Post. I noticed that Hashim’s pants near his manhood were wet. Hashim said “Bro, please don’t laugh, I wet my pants when I saw the creature!”

As daylight had broken, both Hashim and myself got back into the jeep and decided to check out the fallen tree again. When we reached the spot, we could not find the tree. There was no sign of any trees that was uprooted that night! Everything was normal as if nothing unusual had occurred. The surrounding was peaceful.

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