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True Account

After serving in AMK “F” Division for a couple of months, I was transferred to now defunct Geylang “C” Division as it was nearer to my house off East Coast Road, Katong.

I was attached to the Team Policing in “C” Division doing mostly patrols in FRCs.

During 1 nightshift, it was one of those nights that looked like it was going to rain heavily and the sky was reddish but it has not rain yet. My FRC was supposed to conduct a Roadblock with a another FRC at Still Road South at around 0330hrs. My partner and I had just attended a dispute case in Circuit Road. The nearest route to Still Road South was via Paya Lebar Road, PIE towards Bedok then exit Eunos Road and straight to Still Road South.

As we had just attended a case, it was my duty to write the facts of the case onto our log sheet while my partner was driving. We were on PIE towards Boedk when my partner slowed down. There was hardly any traffic at that time. He took hold of my hand and pointed to the opposite lanes. There we saw a lady dressed in red walking in the middle of PIE towards Aljunied area. Our first thoughts was that it was dangerous for her to be walking like that in the middle of an expressway.

We then sped up and make a U-turn at Eunoslink and straight got back onto the PIE towards Aljunied. After turning, we realised that we had lost sight of the lady in red. There was no way that she could had walked out or climbed off the PIE. At that time, Eunos industrial park was on our left and on our right was empty lands (Paya Ubi Industrial Park did not exsist then). As we approached the area where we had spotted her earlier, we wind down our windows to have a clearer view. Once we reached the spot, we could smelt strong smell of Frangipani…our goosepimples stood up on ends and we sped off….

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