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Taipei Story

I went taipei last year and the tour guide told us an accident that happened to a group of Malaysian tourist. When we were at the hill, he told us that if we see any tomb, dont comment anything and he say he will explain to us on the way back. So when we going up JIU FEN, there are some tomb and those were facing the sea. no one in the bus mentioned anything and when we were done with our shopping, we went back hotel. On the way back, the tour guide what happened to the Malaysian tour group accident on the way down from jiu fen…

According to him, last year, when the tour bus went up to JIU FEN, got some people commenting about the beautiful scenery and the nice location of the tomb, one girl even say she don’t mind staying there for 1 day while her sister replied that she don’t mind staying there forever!!! The tour guide heard their conversation and asked them to respect the dead and stop commenting such thing but they still continue. And on the way down the slope, the brake suddenly spoilt and back to normal again when the bus driver applied huge force but this cause the whole bus to OVERTURN!!! Everyone in the bus was injuried except 2 dead and 2 totally uninjuried. The 2 who died was the sisters while the 2 who are totally fine are the bus driver and the tour guide……in the end, the 2 sisters really get to live there forever…..the tour guide is our tour guide friend and he told him this story to warn people not to comment on the tomb at JIU FEN.

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