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The Bedok Carpark

This incident happened at a big carpark in Bedok area. Beside the carpark, there is a primary and a secondary school sitauted side by side. (haha.. u guys go figure out where it is)Anyway, this neighbourhood is definitely not one of those quiet neighbourhood as people would still be hanging around in the wee hours. And so, my friend’s sis saw it as no big deal to be walking back home from work at 11pm at that area..until this one incident..

On that night,for 11pm, the area surrounding was exceptionally quiet. There were no one hanging around at the void decks nor were there the usual soccer gangs who would chill after their game at the nearby basketball court. While walking at the carpark she looked at the area beside the school.She saw an old makcik ( malay auntie) walking at the opposite direction. It was quite dim and she was about 100 m from her.From the shadows, she saw the makcik was actually limping her way and she was wearing what looks like a batik sarong.

However minutes later, to her horror, she discovered it wasn’t even a makcik. When the so called makcik was under teh street lamp, she could vividly see what it was. The glow from the street lamp revealed that the thing wasn’t even walking or limping..It was jumping.And it wasn’t dressed in batik baju kurung..The batik cloth was actually covering it from head to toe.She was petrified and hurried home. What I heard was that, she had fever for several days and only recovered when they send her for some prayers. From then one, when she have to go home late, her brothers would pick her despite the fact that the carpark is near the house.

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