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Escape Theme Park

I worked in the theme park a few months back and there were a few experiences which I had encounter during my working as the ride operator. The theme park is located next 2 the pasir ris park and you know how the park will look like at night. I was stationed at one of the rides at the far end & its the only ride built on top of the toilet! As the ride operator,I was supposed 2 load in the guests, give them spiel about safety rules, run the show and unload them after the show finished.

One Friday nite about 10pm I was getting ready to standown the ride which was abt 1015. There were no more guest at my station so I was doing my area cleaning when suddenly a group of 5 teenagers, 3 girls n 2 boys came up the stairs. They brought 5 helmets which I thought they rode bikes here. They placed their helmets outside the booth(control room) and went inside the ride. They were quiet all the way,not even a single word I heard them say. I den went up with my torch 2 give them the spiel but when I tried 2 switch it on, it’s not working.My leader just changed the batteries dat day n it was working b4. I didn’t tink of anything. It was very dark inside but I can make out dat all of them were sitting at the front row. After e spiel, I went down 2 start the show. halfway thru the show, the simulator stopped n both the door open. Somebody muz have pressed the emergency button. I went up 2 see wat is the emergency abt when I realized the simulator was empty! Not even a soul inside. I tot they were playing with me. I went down and see even their helmets were not there. I straightaway ran down n ask my leader 2 standown the ride. I tender my resignation dat very day.

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