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Haunted NAFA

Anyone happen to study in NAFA or graduated from there, there’s this campus just next to peace center. (i graduated from there) I use to go to that campus to have my classes and the building design inside is kinda weird to be as a school. It is about 10 or 9 stories high, Have 2 Big lifts taking people up. There’s almost this staircase where the lifts are leading all the way up to the 10th floor too. (they are in the middle.)

Then on the right most side of building there’s this dark, quiet staircases leading from 10th story doen to the 2nd story too. It’s hardly use i believe. Till the 6th floor i believe it’s block by the library. so, if you wanna reach the 6th floor staircase, we’ll have to go to the 5th or 7th floor to either go up or down to get to the 6th floor’s right staircase. and there’s this presentation room hidding there. ^_^;; If you dont use the stairs there, you’ll never know that there’s this room there.

ok, enough about the stairs, talk about the design, the classrooms, there’s no doors, just have some kinda of partition, it’s like some old hospital design. The celling is really high, Talk about the washroom. . ^^;;; The toilets in there are small, it’s like those that are for little kids to use. and so is the door. If 1 person go in, she’s standing, she’s able to see outside. and the sinks are low too. and small. ^^;;

From what i heard from my mom who used to live in serangoon when she’s young, this building was a primary school before it’s converted to one of NAFA’s campus. (which explains why there are small toilets and sinks) And then, later while studying in there, I heard from people that even before the pri sch, it used to be a hospital. whcih also seems logical.. ^^;; the big lifts and the rooms’ partition.
and also lastly, there’s no pri sch in singapore that will have 10 stories tall. ^^;; if there is, please tell me.

Anyway, that’s some of the description of the building and the little history. ^^;

Here are some rumors and encounters from my frens.

1) Dark room for photography student
People rumored that it’s always advisable to wear long sleeves into the darkroom, because those who dont, will get stretches when they come out of the darkroom.
(i’ve never been there though)

2) Library
Same as above and rumored to be very dark and errie.
(Not to me, it’s bright and it’s comfortable inside. ^^;

3) The class rooms.
There’s this celebrations thingy going on for the malay students, so they stayed back to practice their performance on the 10th floor in one of the room. (From the main stairs, they are in Room 1) A whole group of malay students making noise and practicing in room 1. It’s already late at night, probably 8pm to 9pm.
|main stairs|[r1][r2][r3] My fren, she needed to use her handphone, she walked out of the room, heading to room 3. becos it’s too noisy, so she headed to R3. while walking to R3. (reminded it’s late at night, no one is in the campus and only the room1′s lights are switched on) when she pass by R2, she saw soemone sitting on the tables near the windows, as if he/she is looking toward the outside scenery thru the windows. she cant tell who that is, it’s dark and only some lights from outside the window created the shape of the person. she tot that’s just someone, so she went pass and reach R3. when she finish her phonecall, she went back to R1 and ask her frens if anyone went out of the room and if they saw anyone else except them. But none of them went out and saw anyone else. (that’s what she told me. she was pretty freaked out. ^^; although she’s that type of person that can joke, but I kinda believe what she said about that)

4) Big and small rooms locked with big and small lockpads.
No rumors But when I saw and went to check out, they look uncomfortable.

My impression, the most eerie place will be the side stair case.

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