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A Personal Encounter

I once rented an apartment. The rental for this apartment was unbelievably cheap, but yet I rented it. After staying there for sometime, I noticed the neighboring people started looking at me in a funny manner. Some were even whispering behind my back. I felt curious. Finally one day I got hold of the guard and asked him for answers. He told me: “Before you moved in, there lived a couple in the apartment. They were very loving, but one unsuspecting night the couple had a big argument, after that night the girl was never seen again. The guy vanished as well after having the apartment renovated.”

The neighbours noticed that the guy would always scrub the walls late at night. They suspected that the gal had been murdered by the guy and was buried inside the wall. After hearing the story, I felt my spine tingling.

Upon returning to my dwelling, I searched the place thoroughly, finally I sat on the bed and noticed and peculiar wet spot on the wall. It looked more and more like a human shape, and the position the shape was in appeared to be a person trying to struggle out of there. I was so terrified that I went directly to bed. I had a dream in the middle of that night, I dreamt the couple were having a big argument. And in his rage, the guy strangled the gal to death, he later buried the corpse inside the wall.

I saw the gal’s eyes were bleeding terribly, struggling inside the wall and screaming: “Let me out! Let me out!!!!” I was so terrified that I awoke from my sleep, I couldn’t stand it anymore and so I started drilling at the wall with a modified drill. I finally made a small hole in the wall, after which I saw a pair of eyes staring at me…….Oh my god, so it was true afterall…… Suddenly the pair of eyes turned into a mouth and started talking: Hey neighbour, why are you making a hole in my wall!!?

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