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Chiang Mai Ghost Story

One of my classmate who is a Thai used to tell me about a story. When he was back in Chiang Mai he would have to walk across these fields every night to go home. It was pitch black, complete silence, not even crickets or anything making any noise. He could here himself taking steps, cracking twigs along the way. On the way home there is these trees that always shake when he gets near it and passes it. He wasn’t afraid though, he minds his business knowing the ghost is just trying to scare him.

But one day, he was in a hurry to get home, so he was running most of the way and when he got near the tree he ran even faster. It shook really hard, there was no wind and this one tree is the only one with leaves and branches shakin like it was trying to get the leaves out of it or something. So my friend ran pass it really quick, and then the tree stopped. He then all of sudden took a deep breath, wipe the sweat off his forehead and put both hands on his knees bending slightly. He started to take easier breaths, and calmed down, but now he hears small footsteps behind him. He doesn’t turn around right away, but as the footsteps sounded like it was gettin closer, he knew it was a ghost, he knew it was the one with that long dark black hair covering the face ghost that was behind him. So he slowly turns his head around just to get a glimpse. Once he saw something in his periphirals he turned around completely and faced it. He told the ghost to not bother him and he has done nothing wrong to it. It just kept coming nearer and nearer.

My friend aint afraid of stuff like this because he see it all the time. He said if you kick and punch backwards you will be able to hit the ghost, but if you kick and punch forward it won’t do anything. I don’t know if it’s true or not but I sure haven’t tried it. So anyways he just faced it, talked to the ghost and said he he hasn’t done nothing to it and just walked away normally like the ghost wasn’t there. He always says that ghosts can since ya fears just like how dogs can sense that you are afraid of them and they get rough with you. So that’s why the ghost just let him go.

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