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Ghost Or Coincidence?

I have this story to share about my old house, which has just been sold. Ghost or not I don’t know, but I invite you to judge for yourself. This isn’t so much of a ghost story as a ‘spooky coincidence’ story, so I guess this will be going into the ‘mild’ section. You see, I lived in a high-floor flat in a tower block, with a view of west mall from the narrow living room window, for many years. I’ve always had a fear of the night that comes naturally. I was in secondary four in my last year there, and I loved sleeping late to chat online. I mean real late, and this means walking over to the common bathroom via the living room and kitchen while everyone’s alseep and the house is dark. Well, I was chatting late one night and surfing at the same time, and came across an American ghost story website. I read through lots of stories without feeling very scared. In fact, I remember wishing to visit Resurrection Mary and the haunted civil war battlefields (no kidding!), on which excellent articles were written.

I draw your attention to the haunted civil war battlefield stories. One of them mentioned a ghost known as ‘old Green eyes’. The story goes that a soldier who lost his life some way or another, but I think it was from a cannonball which decapitated him. Anyway, the story goes that after he died, his eyes haunted the battlefield site. They came in the form of two eerily green lights which flashed over the area in formation. In some cases his facial features were said to have been observed. I didn’t pay any particular attention to the story and read on, dismissing it. I have respect for men like these, and didn’t like the idea of others spinning stories such as these for profit or pleasure. Then, I felt the need to go to the toilet.

But as I walked out of my room, across the living, I looked ‘by chance’ out of that window overlooking west mall, which was deserted at this hour. Now, I often enjoy looking out of my windows, which have wonderful views, at all hours of the day. But this time, there, staring right at me, were the two bright green lights on the parapets of west mall! You know where my mind took me then! I walked on to the bathroom, telling myself to forget the whole thing. As I was standing infront of the toilet, in the dark bathroom, I couldn’t get the two lights out of the ‘boresights’ of my eyes.

The incident bothered me for the rest of the night, but not overtly. I slept peacefully and indeed forgot the whole thing, but from time to time, the incident kept coming back to me. I like to think of it as a simple coincidence, but sometimes I wonder if there was more to it- maybe I was meant to see those lights, perhaps to correct my skeptical view of the supernatural?

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