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Hauntings At NaTLI

This story took place about a few years back when i was in sec 2. I was a prefect @ that time and my school had organize 3 day/2 nite camp @ National Training Leadership Institute(NaTLI). This place is quite near Kent Ridge Park & it`s quite an `ulu` place. Very quiet. Before we went to the camp, ther`s another batch of students going there and they told us that is a quite eerie place as the surrounding is too calm.

We were told that someone has committed suicide by hanging himself to the ceiling at one of the male hostel. Of course we were not quite scared by that as that might be rumours the students make. A staff from the institute has also told us that if we were to the gents or ladies room, we should not go alone as there`s a rumour that `something` has happened in that there. We were also advised not to sleep opposite to the mirror in our hostel room. Well, this fren of mine, unfortunately he did not know about the story; don`t ask me why, he sleep opposite to the mirror as me & my fren has occupied the other beds since we want to heed the advice. As my fren sleep opposite to the mirror, he has got fever for the rest of the days that we were in that institute. And he could not perform any activities since he felt very weak.

The strange thing was that he was very active and eager before we arrive there. After the camp has finished and we were on our way home, he suddenly become very active and well. Me and my frenz were quite surprised by that. Anyway, during our first nite there, @ ard 3 a.m., sum of the students try to sneak and explore the area. As our hostel faced a hill with thick trees and bushes, when they juz came out of the room, they saw a white figure moving slowly in the thick trees. It is quite impossible to be a human being as the area was quite thick and who would there to go in there in the wee hours of the mourning!! As we know that if never disturb these `things` they will leave us alone. Therefore the students decided to act as if they do not see anything and continue their exploration. They say that during their exploration, they could hear screams out of nowhere but they juz keep quiet. And one of them later became sick after looking at the white figure. Therefore guyz, be prepared if u happen to go to this institute as this calm and peaceful place may not seem to be as peaceful as it could be.

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