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Sleep Walking

This happened about 16 years ago when I was in secondary school. I had to work in a local fast food chain for the extra pocket money. I remembered it happened on a Good Friday weekend as I had to work extra hours before a grand opening of a new chain at Crown Centre along Bukit Timah road. I started work on Thu afternoon 4pm and had to stay on overnight.

I was only able to return home the following day at about 5pm. That`s 25 hours of work with short winks in between. I boarded SBS bus 153 with my friend heading back to Hougang. We went up to the 2nd level of the double deck bus and I fell alseep very quickly. I was sitting on the outside seat as there was another passenger sitting inside. My friend sat on a separate seat near me…Suddenly I was awaken by the bus driver. As I opened my eyes, to my astonishment, I found myself at Serangoon Interchange! I alighted and realised that I was on board bus 24 (don`t rmemeber if this is correct) I realised that I am too tired to take another bus and decided to take a cab home. The next day when I went to work again, I asked my friend how I managed to awake in bus 24 when I cannot even remember alighting from 153 let alone board 24.

My friend told me that when the bus reached Toa Payoh, he tap on me to ask me to give way to the passenger sitting on the inner seat and I followed the person down the bus instead. Thinking that I wanted to go elaswhere, he did not stop me. But I told him that I had no memory of that at all! He suggested that some spirits was making use of my physical body to transport their soul in the day from Toa Payoh (which is near to Bishan the “cemetery town”) to Serangoon. Until today when I think about it, it still send chills down my spine as I had absolutely no idea how I alighted and board buses. I even had the bus ticket in my pocket!

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