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Spirit of The Pencil

Well, you shouldn`t say that this story is really that scary but it really freaked me out.

It happened this year, 2004. I am in primary 6 and this incident happened a few months back. My malay friend, Nasiruddin, told me about the spirit Of The Pencil. He and a few other malays were playing it the day before. I agreed to try it out with him after my CCA on that very day. After my CCA, I proceeded to his house. Soon, we got everything ready. We had to use a wooden pencil because we had to break it once we`ve finished. We had a piece of blank paper with all the necessary stuff that was written. I started it with another friend of mine, Faid.

We kept mumbling “spirit of the pencil” over and over agian. Soon, the spirit came. We asked a few silly questions, just to test it. Too bad it was moving very slowly. I couldn`t take it anymore so I asked the spirit to go home.

Then, we tried again. it did not work. Then we tried again. this time in front of Nasiruddin`s house. his house was on the first level. I tried it out with nasiruddin and got such a shock. it had actually worked!

We asked more questions. My friend said that we can ask how it died. I didn`t feel like asking; so he asked.

“Spirit, can you tell us how you died?”

It started spelling. I forgot to tell you, we had to place our fingers on the pencil. If we let go, we were doomed.

It started to spell…
C….. It could have been choked on a fishball.
A….. Uh…Got shot by a cannon?
R….. I gasped. It was car. let`s just hope it was `carried away till i got hit by a speeding bullet`


I gasped. We quickly asked more questions. Then that idiotic nasiruddin just asked who HE liked. HE refers to the spirit. It was a boy.

It started to spell the most freakiest thing in the world.


It was going to spell you!!

“Quick! Ask another question! before it says you!!” I yelled.

Then Faid, who was not playing, asked a question.

“Will I pass my PSLE?”

Then some funny answer was being spelt. Then, we asked whether he was tired. We made him go home.

The next day, my I told my friends about it. Nasiruddin was angry that I told them. Even so, one of my friends, rubini, decided to play.

We found out it was the same spirit that we talked to the day before! We asked more silly questions before we asked it to go home.

I know this may sound a little boring, but it was really freaky! How would you like it if you were in my shoes?

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