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Soul Visited Us

It happened in May 1998. I was about eight months pregnant with my girl. I lived in the 11th storey of an HDB flat in Tampines. One morning, as i was having a shower, i heard a thud sound. I really take notice of that and carried on with i was doing. after shower, i decided to go to shop. I took the lift down and turned to left.

To my horror, i saw the legs of the Philippina maid who had actually just committed suicide. I got frightened. From then onwards i was not able to get a good sleep. About two weeks later, i was unable to sleep, so my husband and i were chatting till the wee hours (about 4am). We, then, decided to sleep. Actually, before that we were talking about the maid! Just as we were about to close our eyes, our bedroom door`s knob was turning and someone was pushing it from outside. It was locked inside!

On that day, there was no one at home, except for the two of us. The door knob went right and left! I screamed and my husband was “jammed”! after a while, i fainted and it stopped! This a story that i ahd experienced really! Till to date, my daugther who is about six years old now, will wake up the slightest sound made!!!

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