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Fishing at Tenah Merah

It was a starry Saturday night sometime last year and the skies were fair but there was no moon in sight. I decided to go fishing with one of my cousins to Tenah Merah. I reached the spot at around 7.30pm and waited for the guy.

Not too long later, my uncle called me on my cell-phone and asked me if I was free. I told him that I was going to fish and gave him my location.

Within 15 minutes he and another cousin of mine arrived at the spot. While still waiting for the cousin who had planned to fish with me, we decided to start our walk in. My uncle then said that he wasn`t going to stay with us for long, as he had another appointment that night. Soon, my other cousin arrived, not alone but with a friend of his. We started to prepare our tackle and rods and sooner than expected, we began to cast out our lines.

About half an hour later, my uncle and the cousin he came with decided to call it a night and left for their appointment. The time now is roughly around 9.00pm. The three of us carried on fishing, hoping that we would land a decent sized fish or two. The hands of time kept ticking and ticking until we realized that it was already close to 11pm. I decided to change my spot on the breakwaters and walked down to bottom end of it. My cousin`s friend was sitting just by the beacon light and my cousin remained by the side of the breakwaters.

Suddenly, I felt something grab my right shoulder. I immediately turned around to look and found nobody beside me. I then walked over to my cousin, who was about 3 meters away from me, and asked if he came over to touch me. He told me that he did not even move an inch and the look he gave on his face told me that he was serious. I turned around and noted that his friend was still sitting by the beacon light and also didn`t move from his spot. My cousin then said that it could probably be an insect but I explained to him that an insect couldn`t possibly grab you on the shoulder and squeeze it. His face then showed signs of panic and we decided not to tell his friend what happened. We then suggested that we should pack up and move out to another location to fish.

The distance to our cars was like never ending and it took us around 15 minutes to reach our wheels. We then drove off to a spot very close to Changi Naval Base and carried on with our fishing there.

Throughout the night, the feeling of the grip stayed on my right shoulder and till today, I have no explanation on who or what could have possibly gripped me so hard.

Later on, I learnt that the spot where we went fishing at Tenah Merah was the spot where the two malay guys and a malay girl dumped the body of their female Bulgarian friend after murdering her.

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