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Haunted House

The last house I lived in always gave me the creeps, especially late at night when i came home and climbed the stairs to my room in the dark. A few years ago my entire family went away on holiday. When we returned, odd things started happening and I started having very odd experiences. I came back one night at 11 to find my dad outside his room looking for something. The area outside my dad`s room always gave me the creeps. I always imagined that there was a little girl, lost, standing in the corner looking at me when I climbed the stairs. My father asked me who I was talking to. I said noone. Then he asked me if I just came home. I said yes. He said that he heard something but shook his head and went to sleep.

The next morning my father told me that he thought he had heard a woman talking in a conversational tone, but it was in a language he didn`t understand. He thought that the garbled was my mom talking in her sleep but it was coming from his side of the bed. To reassure himself, he went outside to look, but there was noone.

A few nights later, I had a very weird dream. There was a girl with no eyes. They had been knifed out and were bleeding sockets. She was pacing feverishly around in my room, and although she had no eyes, she could see me. Then, there were these girls, dressed in olden day clothing who drifted in and out of my dining room that only I could see. I woke up and I was terrified and picked up the phone to call my then boyfriend. I dialled his room number and was talking to him when the phone suddenly died and it was just static. I really freaked out and tried to call him again. I pressed the redial button, but it dialled his *handphone* number.

I couldn`t sleep for nights after that.

Then I dreamt that there was this shadowy woman in my room, and I remember praying in my sleep, but I couldn`t and kept tripping over the words. The woman started laughing at me and suddenly my eyes snapped open and I could *see* shadowy figures all around my bed. I swear, I picked up my handphone and pressed the button to turn on my handphone light and shined it around my room but there was nothing. But when the light went off, the shadows returned and the woman was standing next to my bed. I prayed and prayed and prayed and shut my eyes and eventually fell asleep.

I wasn`t the only one experiencing weird things. My younger sister`s bedroom was on the same level as mine and she heard odd noises coming from outside her door. My mother thought she saw a woman sitting in a chair in her room.

Everything was plain weird and my mom eventually got a medium to take a look at the house. He said that the house was always “dirty” and that people living in the house would had “chase” it away, but that the spirits travel through water and when we were away they came back. I never really understood the explanation, and the house still gives me the creeps.

We`ve moved out since.

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