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Street Ghost

Have u ever wonder how come everytime you will have cold shiver when something happened? i guess nobody knows. But people say its the spirital world calling upon you or it might be one of the street ghost who were unable to recarinate. Today i am sharing a true story which happened to my friend.He was 18 back then , he had a wonder girlfriend and both of them were really very close. Everybody around them envy them very much and they believe deeply nothing will come between if anything happened.But looks like god like to toy with human ,my friend was send aboard for oversea studies. That everyday when he was , his girlfriend came late.Nobody knew why.Years later , when my friend came back the first thing he did was to look up for his girlfriend ,before he left for studies he promised he will meet his girlfriend the first time they meet , that places happened to be by the road .He waited day by day , night after night but his effort came in vain. So he decide to look up for her family , to his surprise his girlfriend died.

The reason why she came late was obvious to my friend ,she was never late but she was unable to see him. My friend was sad and was feeling desprate to look for her.So he stood by the roadside ,he felt a cold shiver.Suddenly, he felt a push from behind his back and he fall forward ,there at the very moment one car came speed passed.But luckily the car was able to stop just in time.Before my friend fainted, he vivdly saw his girlfriend smiling at him with her favourite white long dress but her face was dripping with blood.By the time he waked up , he already found himself on the bed in the hospital.He decide to continue to search for his girlfriend , he hoped to see her once again.He began his friend by spending days at the same road side he met the accident.But after many days,there is still nothing happened.He decide to leave and suddenly a cold shiver came chilling down his spine,he was horrified when he heard a voice from his back.”Dear are you looking for mi”,my friend turned around and saw his girlfriend in the same white long dress and with blood dripping down.

Suddenly, the ghostly figure floated backwards and slowly slowly disappeared.My friend could not mutter a word ,just when he turned a around his girlfriend face was right in front of him so close .He move backward and fall down , his leg stuck in a hole and could not move.He started to chant prayer and when he opened his eye everything was over.My friend was so horrified and decide to forget the past and move on.Werid things started to happen whenever passer-by pass the very street.No one could explain why nobody know what was his girlfriend intention only the girl herself know it the best.

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