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The Curse

I remember since the age of four, I had been having bizarre dreams of an angel being push down from Heaven, the strange things is whenever I have these dreams, I would laugh myself to sleep even though they were nightmares. These vision of the same dream did not seem to frighten me at all.

I was a worshipper of Christ and would always pray for the power of magic to help others, but eventually I wanted to be Evil so a make a pact with the devil(Satan:The Prince Of Darkness) even though I sold my ability to remember the songs I sang and the ability to remember the past events of rage and the soul of my grandmother who I would tell you later but being told by the angel of light that if evil were to preveil over the balance of the entire Universe, but I wanted to prove that I would rather be the revival of the ancient god for example Odin,The King Of Viking Gods And Ixion,his faithful battle horse & Thor,Norse God Of Thunder With His Magical Hammer.

THe reason for my becoming Evil, is the result of a stress due to the result of the Examation Fever which my mother me for gained and caned me whenever I fail the Exam. She would always compare my result with my younger brother, Des.

Satan said that if I could get the Book Of Forbidden Magic from God, Jesus. The Book Has the ability to chose its user.In This Book the Magic come from the time before the creation of everything and only if the user desire for it powers with the Pandora`s Key, it would gain the user the power of the Beast. The Beast is a guardian of power which saves the life of the person and those he or she loves, but the condition is that whoever uses the Pandora`s Key becomes a spiritual curse in the tome`s keeper curse by four elements, they are Earth, Wind, Water & Fire. Earth is the Orb Of Reality, Wind Is the Orb Of Destiny, Water is the Orb Of Ocacle & Fire Is the Orb Of Fate. But before I could open the Book, God, Jesus fought with me for control as to who has control over the Book of Forbidden Magic, he tried to tell me that the book
has the power to seal the Forbidden doors from opening but I was determine to control the fate of my own not under his control.

Finally the Book chose me, and I was cursed with the power to protect or destroy the world but somehow Satan send an unsend spirit of evil to my grandmother from my father`s family to made her look like she had died of a heart attack, instead she was trap to the crystal of dreams. The Crystal of Dreams is a crystal that has the power to deceive the entire Universe causing chaos, war, destructive power clouding the mind of the person.

I was deceive by the crystal until the time I grown to the age wish I am. I was being made use by the crystal until the angel of light wish I destroy return an cast a spell that touch the holy spirit send from god, Jesus.

Before breaking the Binding of the spell from the Crystal, I had the weird dream, in the it appear to be the village of the past suddenly a warrior of darkness told me if I were to chose between the forces of good which is the guardians of the light would I chose the darkness that protect to destroy or protect the light with my own dark powers. I replied I would protect the light and warrior disappear then only did I renew my soul and free the ones I love even though they have died for the my selfish costs.

The crystal of dreams was then destroyed and the peace as who I know has been mostly restore.

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