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Suicide at Pasir Ris

This incident happened Last year on the Esplanade Official Opening Ceremony Day.I was out with My Sister,my brother and my sister`s friend that day..We were taking pictures and hanging around The esplanade area.We watched the performances then we went to watch the fireworks.Then after the ceremony ended,we proceeded back home.I was very tired when we got home and i felt asleep as soon as i took a shower and brushed my teeth.

I was already in deep sleep when i heard my sister`s voice waking me up,i saw it was about 4 am in the morning.She said,`Hey,there are police cars and an ambulance outside the window`.I was shocked to hear that and i immediately woke up and rushed to see what was outside the window.I saw my whole family staring outside the window.I saw about 8 police cars and an ambulance while so many policemen were around my void deck area.My sister explained thatA chinese lady in her 60s had commited suicide at my staircase by hanging herself to the railings.

My sister’s boyfriend happened to be in his car which was parked across the staircase.He was the first one to saw the lady and was the one who called the police.I saw some of the police questioning my sister`s boyfriend.Then the lady was pronounced dead and the ambulance left and they took the body away..I had fever for about a week after that..Then soon after a while we forgot about the incident.It happened on one night i came back alone.i was walking up the same step where she had died when i heard someone crying.i was kind of scared but i braved myself and continued walking..then to my horror,i saw a chinese lady in her 60s holding a rope and walking back and forth at the corridor..i ran back downstairs and i was screaming..i called my mother on my handphone and my parents came down and accompanied me up..i saw nothing else ever since..but i still have fears of walking at the staircase of Block 220 Pasir ris street 21…

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