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Horrible Night

This incident happened to me not too long ago while i was enjoying a nice cool night. I live in a blk near the old Boon Lay ITE building stood which was also near the Shell Petrol station. Before u start speculating and predicting that this story is abt that old building, its not. The incident happened when i was sleeping quietly in my room. Im sure many of u might have experience some scary and weird phenomenon when sleeping alone in a room. But what i encountered that very night was more than that. I live in a 4 room flat with my dad, stepmom and my brother. When my dear mom passed away, my dad remarried to a fellow widow and since that day, my house wasnt the same anymore. Since my dad frequently spend his nights at my stepmom`s house over at Chua Chu Kang, i and my brother will be left at home most of the time. Imagine 2 young boys living in a 4 room flat. Creepy ain`t it?

Anyway, i remembered the night was a cool one. My brother was fast asleep and thinking to myself that i should go to sleep too, i then went ahead and doze off. Suddenly i woke up frantically and discovered that my whole body was completely numb…I couldnt move a thing except for my eyes. And to make things worse, i suddenly felt something pressing me down. I was dead shocked and tried to scream but it was in vain. About three minutes passed and to tell you the truth, i was dead tired to be scared anymore and so i decided to just shut my eyes. Suddenly, the pressure on my body got stronger and i felt my hair on my neck stood up. I was suddenly feeling so cold and chilly.
Expecting that this could get worse, i quickly chant some prayers i know from the al-quran.

Then out of nowhere, i felt something approach my ears and suddenly a soft giggle was heard. It was a soft lady-like giggle.At that moment i was ready to cry. I tried screaming again but it was no use. The giggle got louder and to make matters worse, i could now hear giggles of some small children near the bottom of my bed. I chanted the prayers much more heavier and i prayed to god that he help me overcome this…..Thankfully the pressure on my body got lighter, the laughter went softer and eventually everything went back to normal… I was sweating so much and my heart was beating so fast and i was actually stunned at that particular moment. Up to this day, i cldnt figure out what i had encountered on that very day.

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