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Unatural Death

This encounter happened to one of my distant relatives. In fact, because of this paranormal incident, my aunt is staying in the Woodbridge Hospital till this day. According to another auntie of mine, my distant aunt and her husband travelled to M`sia for visiting. The couple drove their car in the country. Halfway through their journey, their vehicle broke down on the expressway. My uncle instructed his wife to rest in the car while he look around for help. After around 2-3 hours, a police car arrived at the scene. They intructed my aunt to step out of the car and ask what she was doing, and she explained that their car broke down and her husband has gone to get help. The police officers then ask my aunt to take a look at the car. Puzzled, my aunt did as she was told and was shocked by the sight of her husband`s body underneath the vehicle and his head, detached at the top of the car. My aunt fainted at that moment.

She was then escorted back to Singapore and the case was being investigated. The investigation led to nowhere and the case was close as one of the paranormal incident. Stories were said that her husband were killed by a pontianak. This case was even made in the news headlines. Needless to say, my aunt couldn`t be able to handle these ordeals and was then admitted to the mental hospital.

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