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The Old House

Well to start with my story was told to me by my grandma and i could tell that it was true with the horror in her eyes not to mention i was a little scared too…Ready or not here goes….

Well my garand ma used to stay at a row of houses along Alexandra road (i guess they muz be gone by now, but juz for info, her house is kinda near to a temple) There was this particular house that was build during the WW2 era and it had a colonial style to it (well all houses that the british built at that time had that style) and according to my grandma there used to live an old lady with her granddaughter at that particular house.

U see the grand daughter was more or less a “orphan” as her parents had died and seeing that there was no where to go, her grandmother took her in.

Accroding to my grandma, that particular house was kinda like haunted (i dunno how come but well my grandma is the story teller) and because of that, on the first day there, the girl was like feeling a little uneasy (sorrie but i forgot that the girl’s name was Lucy) and true enough, that night before she slept, she heard an eerie voice saying “Lucy…I’m on the first step i gonna get u” (u see the house had two storeys) No doubt that Lucy was scared out of her wits so the next day, she told her grandma about it but to her surprise, her grandma said that it was due to her imagination or maybe because she was just too sad about her parents demise. The following few nights were like pure hell for Lucy as she heard the voice every night and each night, it got closer and closer to her room. So in a futile attempt to keep it out, she closed and lock here door every night.

But there was this fateful night in which the girl had completely forgotten to close and lock her door as she had juz went out with her frenz for a late night movie and was like too tired. So upon reaching home, she went straight to bed. Suddenly, Lucy woke up in the middle of the night and looked straight at the clock. It was 2am in the morning and at that time, she heard the voice again this time but it said “Lucy…I’m at your doorstep….I’m here to get u”

A scream was heard and soon after, the police was called in. Lucy was found dead with her eyes wide open in fear. The police could find no visible injuries and no weapons were found. But while taking down the statement of Lucy’s Grandma, she said that she had woken up to get to the toilet and while returning to her room she saw a black figure standing at the door of Lucy’s room thinking that it was one of Lucy’s fren, she decided to leave it alone only to be awaken moments later by Lucy’s scream.

My grandma was at that time already kinda freaked out and well she ended her story(……)

Kinda funny but i was wondering how she got to noe about wat happen to Lucy but i guess u noe neighbours tend to gossip and talk (might be a rumour but it might be real)

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