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The Disappearing Act?

This incident happened at Pasir Ris park.. my 12 poly frens n i wanted to go there to chill as well as exploring the so-called haunted parts of the park… as soon as we reached the place, i sensed something wrong around us.. I saw a tree branch bend like as though somebody was pushing it.. There was not even wind and there was no one near the tree, so who could have done it?…. i just passed it off as my mind playing tricks on me so i just kept mum abt wat i saw.. All of us decided to hang out near the tower n the swamp because we heard that these two were among the scary parts of the park… while we were talking among one another, my fren T and i saw this man wearing red shirt n white pants standing at the opposite end fr where we were sitting.. It looked like he was searching for something.. He was alone and staring at the trees… and it was a few minutes till midnight.. I turned my head to call another fren of mine n when i turned towards the mystery man, he was nowhere to be seen… So i told T abt it n he said he noticed the man too.. For 15 minutes, we waited for the man to reappear, but he didnt so we continued doing our own stuff.. While I was lighting my cigarette, I noticed the mystery man again… This time he was staring at us… and his body language showed that he was angry.. I called another fren of mine, F. T n I asked him whether he could see the man but he said he could see nothing but the trees..T and I then concluded that the man was a ghost but when we saw him walking towards us, that man looked human.. He wasnt floating, but walking with his feet touching the ground.. we were kind of confused.. While the man was walking, he started to disappear slowly from head to toe.. It was obvious then that that man was not a human!! T and I were so shocked dat we stayed put at the bench, speechless for 10 minutes… T decided to go home after that but I stayed with group… Up till now, that incident still gives me the creeps…

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