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Keeping Toyol

I had the knowledge that my brother have been keeping a young spirit(Xiao Gui)through an uncalled-for destiny.

It happened when my sis-in-law was pregnant(how many months I can’t remember but reasonably long as her belly was showing). One night when she was sleeping, she dreamt of seeing a “boy” around 6 years old dashing to her womb. She woke up in fright. After complaining to my brother who was a disciple with a Taoist Priest for quite sometime(Think its after they were married, I can’t remember also), decided to call upon his Master to enquire.

As normal, the Priest came over to my place and did rituals. What he had found out was that this young “boy” was a Thai and was seeking refuge. Being softhearted, my brother managed to persuade my sis-in-law and they both decide to adopt the young spirit. The Priest then perform a ritual so that the young spirit would be able to dwell in a small statue(a boy with a shaven head resembling a monk meditating in a cross-legged poise)and not disturb my unborn nephew. We named him “Xiao He Shang”(small monk). The Priest made it clear to XHS that in order to stay adopted he must chant scriptures, drink only tea and must not disturb us. My brother will also help to discipline him by chanting sciptures to him.

Years passed and my brother moved out. I was in Polytechnic and was living with my brother due to convenience sake. One night, while I was laying in bed trying to get to sleep. I heard quick,tiny footsteps running into my room similar to that of my nephew’s. But I was darn sure he slept already because he still had morning class tomorrow. I peeked to confirm is it my nephew. I saw no one. The radio in my room which happened to be nearest to the door suddenly had its volume turned up. Unable to stand the loud volume, I unreluctantly woke up to turned it down. I immediately went back to my bed thinking it must have been my tired mind playing tricks on me.

The tiny footsteps came running in again. It played with the radio volume again, turning it up and then down and then ran out. Breaking out in cold sweat with my 1st encounter, i tried to focus on sleeping. Not satisfied after playing with the radio volume, it came running into my room again. This time its the bicycle next to the radio. It swang the paddle backwards causing the ball-bearings to give out a loud hissing sound. Scared stiff, I closed my eyes tightly and pretend to be asleep in the midst of hoping it would not decide to play a prank on me by biting my toes.

The next morning after I woke up. I quickly asked my nephew whether he had came in my room. He said no. Puzzled and alittle suspecious, I told my sis-in-law about what happened. She then replied that it must have been Xiao He Shang because sometimes after we returned back from outing, my nephew’s toys were strewn all over his room. Sometimes even hug to my sis-in-law when she is sleeping or watching T.V late just like a spoilt child craving for love & attention!

I’m sort of relieved after hearing her explanation because its “someone” I knew and it wouldn’t harm me. Touchwood, but, what would you do if you encounter this kinda stuff?

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