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Whose Hair Was That?

It happen few weeks ago during the month of March. My family and I had just moved to our new place last January. Eversince, me or either my family members does not encounter anything from the moment we step into the new house.

What really happens to me brings a big question mark on my head. I am going to tell you now, what i really encounter on one particular night.

That night i was so tired that i dozed off after chatting with my friend on the phone. I know i was alone in the dark room and i was certain there’s nothing to be afraid of cause nothing spooky ever happen before, so i was very brave to sleep alone, while the rest of my two sisters were actually watching tv outside. So this is what happen:

While i was sleeping sideway to the right, i suddenly felt a hand slipping through my body from underneath which means it comes between my body and the bed, from that moment i was too sleppy to know wat it really was. Then I heard a voice, a girl voice speaking to me in malay ‘bilang aku siapa lelaki yang kau suka??!!!’ (which means in eng, (‘tell me which guy u like?!!) I don bother abt the voice……cause i thought i had a dream when suddenly i felt so scared. I remembered i did altered some prayers but my eyes was shut. I just want ‘that’ thing to go away. But she did not. Instead, u know wat she do. She rest her hair on my hand!!!! It was a long straight hair. I know she purposely let me feel her hair…without much hesitation i altered more prayers….and thank god she disappear!!! I quickly rush to the toilet to wash my face and my legs and i realise it was abt 11.30pm.

I really thought it was a dream, and i was really hoping that it was. The next day when i was getting ready to go to work, i can’t believe my eyes. At the corner of my room, i saw a lot of hairs. I thought it could be one of my sis hair but then again…none of my sis hairs are long neither do mine or my mum? Then….who’s one was that??? Trust me it was really long………….

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