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Sentosa Hotel

This happened to me and my family abt 2 or 3 yrs ago during the december holidays. We did not go overseas for a vacation but stayed in a sentosa hotel(what other hotels are there on that island so figure out the name for yourself) instead.

Anyways, as devout Muslims we did our night prayers and went to sleep. Around 2 a.m i suddenly woke up hearing somebody fiddling with the door knob as if trying to get it open. But i was half asleep and i didnt think of it much. But my elder brother who was also awake said “Dad! Did you hear that?” quite loudly and the sound stopped. I woke up and found out everyone was woken up too except for my younger brother. I couldnt sleep the whole night because the room became so cold and my hairs were standing up the whole time. I also heard some other taps and creaks throughout.

In the morning, we discovered that whatever that was fiddling with the door knob was in the bathroom because the bathroom door knob was the round one and the front door one was the handle one. The handle one that you have to push down to push open the door and the round one is the normal one on a HDB flat room door the one that you have to turn. Get the idea? So….that leads to the million dollar question. What the hell was fiddling with the bathroom door knob at 2 am in OUR room when everyone else was asleep?

By the way, if you read our country’s history you know that a lot of soldiers died on that island during the war. So thats my story.

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