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Old Man From Tekong

The story goes…………i was a driver in tekong, i remeber it happened on a raining nite! I was having my nite snack with the company, when ssg lim came n say, “Cpl pls bring this recruit to the medical centre! He is having a high fever”. So the sick recruit, the company medic n me was on our way to the medical centre located at camp 3. As we r on our way there, suddenly both of them shout “driver go faster , go faster “. Just when i thought wat the hell is happening, i saw something from the rear mirror, something green in colour.

When i was still thinking wat the hell is that thing, both of them shout again, this time they really shout so loud, i think something is really wrong so i just hit hard on the accelerator, totally forget about the *SWD , (wat the driver scare most)

When we reach the medical centre, both of them are so pale, so i ask them, wat the hell man! U know i already break the speed limit! fu.k man, u know i can go to DB, u know, so tell me what happen?

Then they start to speak up in a terrific n tembling voice. They say while we r on the way here, an old man has being following us in a bicycle! Then suddenly the old man start to laugh n the face turn green, then he start to speed up n he almost reach us, that why we start to shout at u!

So now when i recall back i know what that green thing, i saw at the rear mirror! So beware new driver in tekong, u never know when ur turn !

*SWD:- A device that gives a warning sound if the driver is driving beyond his vehicle speed limit.

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