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Guardian Angel

Have you all played anything call the guardian angel? Well as for those who tried, please never to try it again. On the other hand, those who have not… NEVER, and i mean it.

After exams… as you know it is very boring during secondary school life especially during this period of time. I do not know why but there was a trend of playing this well-known game call ‘guardian angel’ a.k.a (also known as) ‘spirit of the pen’. Before the game, never would i have given a thought that these game was once for real, but through this experience… i thought i would rather believe. It all started out with 4 players. Then one chickened out, the other backed out. After all, chicken out is not a good word as the tension and fear you are about to experience may not be anything better than chickening out.

After looking for a wooden pencil(for easy breaking), and drawing the specific diagrams needed on a piece of paper, thoughts of stories of the ‘moving’ pencils flashed in my head, but what i always thought was that these are just childplays of people moving the pencils without anyone noticing it…but in the end… i found out i was wrong, utterly wrong.

We started the game, we called upon the guardian angel. It turned out to be my friend’s. When i queried on how many guardian angels i had, guess what the pencil moved and circled the number… 0. I had freaked out at the same time thought my friend was playing a fool on me. Later on, everything seemed so unreal…it was then i found out…NO ONE or perhaps SOMEONE but not either one of us was doing that. More and more questions aroused out of our lips. From here, surrounding spectators too suspects that NONE of us could be moving the pencil upon seeing our hands holding on the pencil in such a relaxed position which none of us was actually in.

The game did not last long. It was when the noise and other voices actually ‘scare’ the spirit away. But after all, at least it DID end. I will not try this again. It is too real.

After recess, me and another friend actually place a sweet on the ledge of a table. Perhaps let me emphasize on AFTER RECESS, there cannot be anyone out of the class just to grab a sweet. After my friend and i did that, we simply left to get the friend whose guardian angel we talked to with us, in case the sweet was not taken away(See although the sweet was for him, we NEVER expected it would be … let me continue the story). When we arrive… guess what! The sweet was gone. None of us could have taken it. The Gift had been accepted.

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