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Five Weeks Ago

My sis and i were alone in the house as my other family members were out to attend something. It was abt 8.30pm and we were watching a show on tv. Suddenly we heard some knockings on the window… for ur information, we lived in a corner house on the thirteenth floor. We looked at the window but saw nothing so we assume that it may be a bird knocked against our window.

A few moments later, we heard it again. It was the knockings… Again, we looked to the window but saw nothing. We were quite pissed off and just cursed the thing that had been knocking at our window. Furthermore it’s impossible that a human might have done it coz it a corner house on the thirteenth floor… Once again, we heard the knockings. We were cursing the thing that have been disturbing us and when we turned to look at the window, we saw a lady standing outside the window, looking straight at us. As we were staring at it in bewilderness, it lifted its arm and knocked on our window again…

We tried to shout but no sound could come out from out throat. All we do was to sit and stare at the lady who was, by now, grinning at us. Without realising, my sis had already fainted, leaving me alone, facing the lady.

Consider myself lucky, at that moment, my mom came home. As she opened the door, the lady at the window disappered. Looking at my fainted sis and my pale face, she asked what was wrong. After explaining to her what had happened, she then took out a Quran and recite some prayers, in which my sis regained consciousness. A moment later, we heard a loud scream and saw a white figure coming towards our window. Upon reaching and before hitting our window, it disappeared into thin air…

Since that incident, whenever left alone or two persons at home, the thing will continue knocking on our window and followed by grinning at us. As though not afraid by the verses from the Quran, it continued its ‘routine’. Til now, we are still living in fear of the knocking evil….

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