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Toyol In Bottle

IN 1985, I was working with a friend supervising landscaping at a place at Commonwealth Close. My friend Roy was the supervisor and he was instructed to clear some tall vegetation at this area and when we reached the area, there were already several workers cleaning and cutting the tall lallang. One of the workers was a relative of mine was there too. He was staying at the area and knew practically everybody at the block of flats.

Suddenly, one of the workers shouted to us and we immediately ran in curiosity to find what was all about. To our astonishment, we saw a creature measuring the size of a small foetus about 10cm imbedded in a bottle. The indian worker and ourselves were greatly amazed by the strange discovery so we opened the bottle and a bad smell emitted from the bottle. The big and muscular Indian worker vomitted infront of us and his body became weak as he pleaded for help.

I was told by my relative that it could be a toyol thrown by someone as he has no use of it. The creature was like a foetus except it had a crown-like hat like a rooster almost like an alien. My relative told me that the neighbours had complained about losing money and speculated that there was a toyol plundering at the area.

To this day, I am still wondering about this experience and why would someone went to the extent of hiring the services of a toyol.

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