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The Encounter

This is a true story which happened to my teacher, Mr Ong when he was a teenager. Here is how it goes:

It was midnight and Ong(Mr Ong)had just came home from school. While he was walking up the stairs, he felt a sudden chill. As he got to the second floor, he felt the chill again. Reaching half way to the third floor, he saw a lady dressed in red standing in a position which looks like she was commiting suicide. Not knowing that it was a ghost, he tried to talk to her and preventing her from jumping down. The lady gave no responds nor turned her head. But then, she gave a frightening glare which made him to run very fast till he reached his house. After giving a few knocks on the door, his mother opened it. He told his mother to open the door as fast as possible. He quickly went into the house and locked the doors. He told his mother what had happen and why he was exhausted. His mother began to feel worried. She then told him to go to sleep.

The next day, as Ong was at school, his mother went to their neighbours house and ask them why there was a lady trying to commit suicide as being worried and curious for they had just moved in. They told her that the place was haunted. Last time, there used to be a woman living in one of the house at level two. She had commited suicide for reasons which nobody knows. When she landed on the floor, her head and skull cracked open which was possible to see her brain! This incident happened three years ago. She was also told that she will be seen after every three years. She was also told that whoever is seen by he, will die.

After a few days, when Ong came home from school, at midnight, he saw police cars and ambulances surrounding the block. Being curious, he went to have a look. He saw an old man lying on the floor with his head and skull cracked. Then for a moment, Ong thought to himself. He was shocked after he realised that the same man died at the same area, the same place and same position.

When he got home, he told his mother about the news. Within a month, they moved out.

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