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Mum & Dad’s Story

My story began even before I was born. My mother was pregnant with my second sister. At that time, we lived in our previous house which is sumwhere near Chinatown. I can’t remember x-actly where I used to live.

Anywayz, on one of the nights, when my mum is juz about a month away from the x-pacted delivery date, she x-perienced an incident that she could neva forget. Here is her real-life encounter retold…..

She was at home with my paps and eldest sister. Outside our kitchen window were clumps of banana trees. It was sumwhere round dusk at that time (probably about 7.30pm). She was preparing some tea in the kitchen when suddenly, she heard a woman laughing hysterically. The sound came from outside the kitchen window. She turned and tried to catch a glimpse of who might be responsible for it. But all that she could see was a sillhoutte of a woman clad only in a white cloth with long hair. On ‘her’ face was a wide grin, thus x-posing a set of sharp, huge fangs. My mum was so shocked that she screamed! My paps who was in the living room rushed to the kichen and as soon as he knew what had happened, he quickly grabbed a hot charcoal (not using his bare hands mind you) which was coincidentally had juz been used for cookin’ or sumthin’ and threw it in the direction of that ‘woman’. The ‘woman’ stopped laughing and turned ‘her’ wide grin into a ferocious frown.

Immediately after that, my paps felt a sharp and stinging pain in his right arm. The pain was such that my paps cried. It went on for quite a while and after ‘she’ was satisfied, ‘she’ stopped the pain and left…..

Since then, there were no more such disturbances and my second sister was delivered like any other normal child would….and so was I….

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