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Perfume Salesman

In recent years a terror stalks the department stores and malls of America. After an afternoon of shopping a woman leaves the mall, but feels someone behind her as she crosses the parking lot. As she turns around she sees a salesman armed with perfume hurrying after her. He offers her a spray insisting that she try it. She refuses but he persists, saying its the hottest new fragrance meant to drive men crazy and its on sale. He won’t take no for an answer.

Exasperated she finally gives in and tries it but she’s immediately disgusted. She gives the sales person a firm “No thank you”, and heads back towards her car.

As she walks, she begins to feel light headed. Everything moves in slow motion. Each step is like lifting a lead weight. The distance to her car seems to stretch out in front of her and when she finally makes it to her car she drops her keys then she looses her balance. Just before she slips into unconsciousness, the last face she sees is that of the pestering salesman.

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